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Urban Arts Commission to guide Goa govt on Architect heritage preservation

TCP Board has decided to constitute Urban Arts Commission which will map the projects from Architectural heritage point of view.

GOA:  Town and Country Planning Board’s Conservation Committee has resolved to constitute `Urban Arts Commission’ which will guide the State and local bodies on mapping the projects which will preserve the Architectural heritage of the coastal state.

The Conservation Committee of State Town and Country Planning Board, which met under the chairmanship of minister Vijai Sardesai, resolved to form the commission, which will guide the State and other local bodies.

Sardesai told reporters that the future buildings in the State must follow the law of aesthetic. “Ours is a party which believes in heritage. Heritage is also Architecture,” said Sardesai who heads BJP ally Goa Forward Party.

The commission, he said, will  advice the government in the matter of preserving, developing and maintaining the aesthetic quality of urban and environmental design within Goa.

“It will also advice and guide local bodies, in respect of any project of building for any development project which affects or likely to affect the Architectural Aesthetic quality of surrounding specially in conservation zones,” he said.

The commission will also advice TCP department through the board’s Conservation Committee “about  various avenues to set up Goan street-scapes.”

The minister said one of the member on the commission will have statutory powers, who will be there on the commission as well as he will be there on the board.

“My basic principle is that whatever change of Zone that we are doing now through either section16 B of TCP Act  or any other way, this change of zone should also reflect Goan streetscape,” he commented.

“If we convert the land, it should have only Goan architecture,” he said adding “what my predecessors have not done, I intend to at least do. So better late then never.”

In yet another decision, the TCP board has also decided to have policy as far as signages in the heritage areas is concerned.

The office of Chief Architect will provide do’s and don’t’s as far as signages is concerned in Heritage areas which would be implemented with the help of local civic bodies or panchayats, he said.

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