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US Google searches of ‘can I change my vote’ soar on Tuesday morning

Washington: Google searches in the United States about whether citizens can change their vote after casting it peaked on early Tuesday morning, a week before the November vote, data from the search engine revealed.

The trend is strongest in Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s home state of Delaware, the data shows.

The trend is also popular in the battleground states of Pennsylvania, Florida, Ohio, North Carolina, Iowa, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Arizona.

Earlier on Tuesday, President Donald Trump noticed the trending topic and in a statement via Twitter said US voters want to change their votes in favour of him. He encouraged US voters to change their vote if it is allowed in their state.

US voters, under certain conditions, are allowed to change their vote in the states of Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, New York, Connecticut, and New Hampshire.

As of Tuesday afternoon, nearly 69 million Americans have cast early votes for the 2020 presidential election, according to data from the US Elections Project.

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