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US grants Visa to Lorna and Buyao


The group of Goan artists including Konkani nightingale Lorna and Music Composer/Singer Sidhanath Buyao was finally granted US visa after reconsidering its earlier decision and interviewing them once again. 

The US Consulate at Mumbai had denied the Visa to the group on 2nd July, on flimsy grounds. The news was then flashed by the media while group leader Sidhanath Buyao had requested the Consulate to reconsider its decision to deny the visa.Buyao Theatres, led by Buyao, includes Lorna Cordeiro , Prashant Naik, Norman Cardozo and Yatin Talaulikar in the group.The Group will now fly tonight  from Mumbai for US. They will perform on 7th and 8th July at Detroit, at the North Goan American Convention. 

The group will also  perform at New York on 22nd July and return on 24th July. In a sudden development, the group was telephonically contacted yesterday by the Consulate officials and was invited for a fresh interview today

morning, on 6th July 2012.

The group leader Sidhanath Buyao was interviewed by the Consul Officer. Satisfied with the interview the officer Granted the Visa immediately thereafter. 

Earlier Buyao had written to the Consul General, requesting him for a fresh interview while expecting of prompt  and truthful action in the matter. 

After the earlier interview held on 2nd July, the Consulate had stated that “the applicants could not satisfy the interviewing officer that they will depart the United States at the end of their temporary stay and they could not demonstrate strong social, economic and/or familial ties outside the United States.” 

Contrary to this, the officials had not sought any information in this regard and had refused to believe that they would return soon after their performances.


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