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US has no agreements to base troops withdrawn from Afghanistan – CENTCOM Commander

WASHINGTON: US has no active agreements on hosting American forces with countries neighboring Afghanistan, US Central Command (CENTCOM) chief, General Kenneth McKenzie, told a Senate hearing on Tuesday.

“At this time, we have none of those agreements [to host American forces] in place,” McKenzie said.
CENTCOM is currently evaluating where it would be best to place the US forces based on geography and diplomacy angles, McKenzie added, speaking at a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing.

The general also said that most of 20,000 contractors currently in Afghanistan will be leaving while the US will try to develop ways of “distant contracting” where it will be needed.

President Joe Biden officially announced last week that the US will withdraw it’s remaining contingent of 2,500 troops from Afghanistan by September 11. The pullout is expected to start by May 1.

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