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US Navy’s long range maritime reconnaissance aircraft arrives to participate in joint exercise with Indian Navy

Panaji, Oct 24 (GCNews) A United States Navy P-8A Poseidon Long Range Maritime Reconnaissance aircraft arrived at Goa on October 22, 2018, to participate in a joint exercise with the Indian Navy.

According to a statement here on Wednesday, Capt Ray Owens, The United States Naval Attaché to India and Commander Micheal Bulkot, the Detachment Commander called on Rear Admiral Philipose Pynumootil, Flag Officer Commanding Goa Area on October 23, 2018.

The detachment comprises 21 members including two women technicians. This detachment marks the maiden visit of a US Navy P-8A aircraft to Goa. The aircraft will take part in a joint Anti- Submarine Warfare exercise along with the Indian Navy’s P-8i aircraft.

US aircraft manufacturer Boeing has made both P-8l and P-8A. Boeing 737 is the commercial version of these aircraft. P-8i and P-8A have a range of 8300 km and speed in excess of 900 kmph. The weapon suite includes Harpoon Anti-Ship missiles and Mk 54 torpedoes. They are also capable of deploying and monitoring sonobuoys which indicate presence of submarines. The other sensors include surface search radars and Electronic Support Measures, Electro-Optic/ Infra Red Camera and Magnetic Anomaly Detector.

The Indian Navy had procured eight Boeing P-8i aircraft concurrent with United Navy’s induction of P-8A aircraft. Indian navy is also inducting four more of these aircraft commencing 2020, the statement added.

Via UNI-India

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