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US NSA welcomes Reliance Indus. move not to supply diluents to Venezuela

New Delhi, Mar 15 (GCCurrentAffairs) The US National Security Advisor John Bolton has welcomed the decision of the Reliance Industries Ltd, operator of the world’s biggest refining complex, to halt supply of diluents to Venezuela’s national oil company PDVSA.

“Glad to see Indian Reliance standing against Maduro’s illegal regime and the suffering of the Venezuelan people,” Mr Bolton tweeted.

He said- “We urge all companies to stop serving as a platform for corruption, and instead work with Interim President Guaido to rebuild Venezuela”.

Washington is preparing to impose “very significant” Venezuela-related sanctions against financial institutions in the coming days, US special envoy Elliott Abrams has said.

Reports said Reliance Industries has halted supply of diluents to Venezuela’s national oil company and announced that will not resume such sales until sanctions are lifted.

In another tweet, Mr Bolton wrote that the US is “eager” to identify new opportunities for foreign investment, improve security, counter Chinese predatory practices and increase support for Interim Venezuelan President Guaido.

The US has earlier warned countries, including India, against buying Venezuelan oil, saying any move on contrary would be taken as a support for the ’embattled President’ Nicolas Maduro.

Venezuela is the third largest supplier of oil to India which is the world’s third-biggest oil consumer.

Via UNI-India

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