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US Presidential Polls: Joe Biden nears 270-mark after victory in Wisconsin and Michigan

Washington: Democratic candidate Joe Biden and his running mate Senator Kamala Harris of Indian origin is inching towards a victory in the United States presidential election on Thursday, after winning the crucial battleground state of Michigan and Wisconsin.

Biden needs just six more to touch the magic number 270 as he has 264 electoral votes, while Donald Trump is just behind him with 214 electoral votes even as the final outcome hinged on a handful of states.

According to the latest reports, he also has an edge in Nevada, which would be giving him the much-needed six more votes to finish the race to White House, but the results are unlikely to come until the weekend.

Biden has either won, or is leading in Minnesota, New Hampshire and Arizona while Trump has either won, or is leading in Florida, Iowa, Ohio, Texas, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Georgia.

In the closely fought presidential election, Republican US President Donald Trump and his Democratic opponent Joe Biden have not garnered the 270 Electoral College votes, but Biden’s chances are better after the latest developments.


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