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US, Qatar want to boost cooperation in key areas, including combating terrorism: Statement

Moscow, Jan 13 (GCCurrentAffairs) The United States and Qatar have agreed to increase cooperation in the fields of mutual interest, including the fight against terrorism, during the second US-Qatar strategic dialogue in Doha, according to the joint statement, published by the State Department on Sunday.

The meeting took place during US State Secretary Mike Pompeo’s Middle East tour.

“This Strategic Dialogue process underlines the commitment of Qatar and the United States to increase cooperation in fields that provide the greatest mutual and practical benefit … Qatar and the United States remain committed to dialogue and long-term cooperation on political issues, consolidating state-of-the-art defense facilities, combating terrorism and violent extremism in all its forms,” the statement read.

The sides are also willing to expand their trade and investment partnerships as well as to enhance educational and cultural cooperation, according to the statement.

Pompeo said earlier on Sunday that he had signed a memorandum of understanding with Qatar to expand US presence at Al Udeid air base southwest of Doha.

“Qatar’s offers to fund capital expenditures and sustainment affords the possibility of a more enduring US presence,” the statement noted.

According to Pompeo, the base is home to 13,000 US coalition personnel engaged in battling the Islamic State (banned in Russia) terrorist group in Syria and Iraq.

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