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US suspects Russia’s GRU behind directed-energy attacks on American Personnel : Reports

Washington: Russia’s military intelligence service (GRU) may be behind the several cases of alleged directed-energy attacks on US personnel that caused health issues, the newspaper Politico reported on Monday citing unnamed US officials.

The US intelligence community has not reached a consensus whether it was GRU that committed several attacks on the US military and foreign service personnel around the world, the report said.

At the same time, the investigation of the attacks have been intensified and now includes all 18 US intelligence agencies examining GRU’s potential involvement.

White House does not know the cause of the alleged attacks or whether they constitute an attack by foreign actors, the report said.

While the CIA director is deepening his involvement in the issue, another official said GRU agents are the only ones who are capable of attacking US public servants on American territory.

The directed-energy attacks have resulted in such health disorders as headache, loss of balance and hearing, ringing and pressure in the ears, and sometimes include long-term brain damage, according to the report.

The US intelligence agencies are investigating cases of suspected attacks on government personnel in Washington DC, Alexandria and Miami as part of a much broader probe in the “Havana syndrome” referring to a set of symptoms and health problems which nearly 50 US diplomats experienced during their service in Cuba since late 2016.

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