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Vacationers step out as restrictions eased

New Delhi: With the second wave of COVID-19 showing signs of waning and state governments easing pandemic-related restrictions, the number of vacationers is seeing a surge.

A survey conducted at Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International airport revealed that 25 per cent passengers in June 2021 were going on vacation. While this number is far less than pre-pandemic level of 44 per cent in June 2019, it is much higher than mere two per cent in June 2020 when domestic sky was opened just for scheduled passenger flights after a gap of two months.

“After a significant drop in traffic due to lockdown and travel restrictions imposed by many states owing to second wave of COVID-19 pandemic, Delhi Airport has started witnessing growth in passenger numbers slowly but steadily post relaxation in lockdown and travel norms by various states in June,” Delhi International Airport Ltd (DIAL) said in a white paper issued on Thursday.

Most of those who flew in June were in Visiting Family and Friends category (48 per cent) which was followed by Vacation (25 per cent and Business travelers (19 per cent).

In June last year, after gradual lifting of two-month long country-wide lockdown, majority of air travelers were of visiting family and friends category, followed by business travelers. While those going for vacation was only two per cent.

During pre-COVID times (in June 2019), around 44 per cent flyers were vacationers, while 41 per cent were of visiting family and friends category.

Delhi Airport has witnessed over three times rise in domestic passenger numbers from around 18,000 per day in mid of May 2021 to over 62,000 per day at the end of June 2021, DIAL said. Similarly, the number of international travelers grew from around 4,500 per day in mid of May to nearly 7,500 per day in June end.

Mumbai, Patna, Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad, Leh, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Kolkata and Jammu and Kashmir have emerged as top 10 destinations from Delhi in the month of May and June, 2021.

Among those who participated in the survey, 51 per cent passenger felt ‘extremely confident’ while 48 per cent were ‘fairly confident’ while travelling through Delhi Airport.

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