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Valanka Alemao gets suspension orders from Indian Youth Congress

The war in the Goa Congress is heading for more cuts and bruises with the GPCC President and former Goa Pradesh Youth Congress (GPYC) striking a decisive blow at the current GPYC President Valanka Alemao, daughter of former Congressman Churchill Alemao.

Rajeev Satav, president, Indian Youth Congress, in a one-line suspension letter to Valanka, stated, “You have been suspended from the post of Pradesh Youth Congress (PYC) president, Goa, on the grounds of indiscipline, with immediate effect.”

Sources close to the Alemao family warned they wouldn’t keep quiet. “It is an attempt from certain political leaders to target the Alemao family members and their political careers. They are afraid of the political growth – a young youth leader like Valanka Alemao has garnered over the years.”

Valanka Alemao and Pratima Coutinho have been at logger-heads with each other, since the first GPYC election wherein Valanka Alemao was disqualified and Pratima Coutinho went on to win. However, in the second GPYC election Valanka Alemao struck back wining the election even though there was a strong attempt yet again to disqualify and defeat Valanka. Now with Pratima Coutinho throwing a hard punch, it is a wait-n-watch game for the manner in which Valanka Alemao will retaliate.


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