Variable Messaging Display Goes Live at Karnal Smart City

The Variable Messaging Display (VMD) system, a key component of the Karnal Smart City project, used for displaying a variety of messages and data for the public, has gone live recently.

Variable Messaging Display at Karnal Smart City

Connected to traffic, environmental, and other types of sensors, VMD can display public safety messages, road closures, traffic congestion, and other traffic related information. It also provides up-to-date traffic information and guidance to drivers through electronic signs. The system can also display environmental alerts involving rain or floods – besides public health data such as pandemic updates.

The VMD system is linked to the Integrated Command Control Centre, the nerve centre of the smart city project, which is nearing completion. The Centre will serve as the backbone for various smart city initiatives and will provide storage for all online data related to smart city applications. The ICCC will collect data from the various sensors and cameras and other data points for the administrators to make decisions based on real time data. It also uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for data analytics.

The Karnal Smart City project has taken a big leap forward in the recent times. Work on other initiatives is in full swing. Selected junctions – more than 50 locations – across the city, are being equipped with adaptive traffic control systems. There is tangible progress and citizens can find new structures coming up all over the city.

Senior officers who oversee the implementation of the Karnal Smart City project estimate that the project would positively impact the lives of over 3 lakh citizens. Madras Security Printers Private Limited (MSP), which has won the contract, is implementing the ICCC project for Karnal Smart City. MSP is a 42-year old company specializing in e-governance solutions, IT & ICT based solutions, smart card based solutions, identity management, biometric solutions, data center & high security printing.


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