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Vasco Rape Case: Congress visits, talks but fails to walk

Though Congress would like to express solidarity to the family of the seven-year child who was raped inside the toilet of reputed and secured school Deepvihar managed by the Mormugao Port Trust (MPT) and claim to take up the case at the highest levels even at the Centre, their talk is turning out to be mere talks with no action.

First to arrive to show support to the Vasco family was the Goa Pradesh Youth Congress (GPYC) whose president Pratima Coutinho along with other representatives issued a memorandum to the Chief Minister of the state and also threatened to come on the streets if justice was not meted out and culprit was nabbed. However, after those strong words, the GPYC has gone numb on the issue with no noise from the GPYC president on the case or even visit from any of the youth members to the family of the rape survivor.

In fact former Youth President Sankalp Amonkar along with NCP Leader Jose Philip DeSouza had endeavored to shut Vasco down for a day and even offer a cash reward of Rs 100000 to anyone who help nab the rapist. But after the initial vigor, their voices too died down.

Next in-line came South Goa Congress Member of Parliament Francisco Sardinha, Goa Pradesh Congress President (GPCC) Subash Shirodkar and former Youth President Sankalp Amonkar who visited the family last week. Though, the MP and GPCC President assured all the necessary support to the family is raising the issue at the top-levels and getting justice to the family; when questioned whether the MP or other Congress MPs would be requested to raise the issue in the on-going parliamentary session, the South Goa MP would not commit to it.

Now of course, All India Congress Mahila President Anita Verma has met with family two days ago and has promised to raise the issue with the National Woman’s Commission in Delhi and take the matter up seriously at all levels to ensure that the Goa government acts swiftly in nabbing the culprit. But what is left to be seen is whether this also continues to be just talks or will they walk the talk and get justice for the family.


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