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Vasco Rape Case: Family accepts Rs 5lacs compensation from MPT

In shocking turn-around over the weekend, has learnt that family of the seven-year old Vasco rape survivor has accepted the interim relief offered through the Department of Women and Child Right’s of the Goa government by the Mormugao Port Trust (MPT). It is known fact that MPT is the authority that manages the Deepvihar School in which the heinous crime occurred during school hours in the toilet of the school.

On January 16, 2013 – an MPT official who was later suspended visited the house of the family and offered them a compensation of Rs 5 lacs and expenses towards any medical assistance to the child who had undergone this trauma. At that point of time though, the family refused the money on grounds of morality and justice.

When questioned the father of the family about the change in stance, he revealed, “I was advised by the newly-formed organization People against Atrocities and Injustice (PAAI) to accept the interim relief in the interest of the child.”

However, it interesting to note that one of the grounds of the case which was taken to the Children’s Court was the fact that one of the moot points to a cover-up was that an MPT official tried to bribe to family to accept the compensation.

When the father of the family was questioned on whether his legal advisor Aires Rodrigues was consulted, he said that he could not get in touch with his lawyer so he took the decision based on the advice of PAAI.

It is also important to note that some of the now PAAI members were also responsible for filing a complaint in the Vasco police station asking that this case be tried as Protection of the Rights of SCs/STs.


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