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Vasco Rape Case: Father submits Girls Video Testimony to Crime Branch, Court

In an effort to nab the rapists and the alleged accomplice where the Goa Police have so far made no headway, the father of the rape survivor has made a video testimony of the girl describing the entire incident, describing the role of the head mistress, computer science teacher and class teacher, as well as how the rapist and his friend had approached her, which had been submitted to the Crime Branch and will be submitted to the Children’s Court.

Speaking to, the father revealed that he decided to make a video of the girl’s testimony in order to keep an evidence for the family and also make it available to the Court, as the confidence-level on the police is not high and the Goa Police have not acted in a way to give the family any confidence.

The father further elaborated that in the video the girl describes the role of the teachers of the school, especially the class teacher who told the girl to not reveal to anyone what had happened or the person who had raped. Interestingly, it was the same class teacher who washed the girl after the incident. is awaiting clearance for the legal team of the father as well as our legal team to release in content and not video details of the testimony, while keeping the gruesome act of it, while focusing on the details of the rapists and teachers role.

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