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Vatican investigations into Loyola College crimes a farce: Loyola Alumni

R. Joseph Kennedy, alumni of Loyola College, Chennai and Director of the upcoming movie Hail Mary, has been disappointed by the Society of Jesus so many times, he’s lost count.

Kennedy, who had earlier represented India in the Global Clergy Abuse Summit in Rome, had met the Superior General of Jesuits Fr. Arturo Sosa to report the clergy abuse crisis and massive coverups in the Madurai Jesuit Province, which also controls Loyola College, Chennai and St. Joseph’s, Tiruchy.

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“The Society of Jesus conducted an unacceptably deficient investigation. The delayed response from a Regional Assistant for South Asia on this issue has been extremely galling and lukewarm to the serious issues and concerns that I had highlighted with regards to the anti-Christ-like behaviour of the Jesuit priests in the Madurai Province,” Kennedy said.

A list that also included the names of the current Principal & Alumni Director of Loyola College and the current Secretary of Loyola Alumni Association and some of the office bearers who have been clearly colluding with the corrupt clergy participating in all their acts of crime.

“I hoped and prayed that in the earnestness of the concerns and issues, as a senior authorities of the Catholic Church and the Jesuit Order, they would investigate the truth and set right the wrong because after all we owe it to our Christian faith to be pure and unblemished on such grave matters.”

“I, however, have been proved wrong. I believed that I could expect good from leaders who are the face of Christ’s teaching but I forgot to learn one simple lesson in life; the priests and senior leaders in the Church today are like stones in the water, they are surrounded by the teachings of Jesus, but his teachings never penetrate their hard hearts, minds and souls.” Kennedy added.

“Such bizarre insensitivity shown towards abuse victims once again reinforces the idea that the church cannot investigate itself. These are not the reforms that survivors and advocates wanted.” observed Savio Rodrigues, Founder & Editor-in-Chief,, and Producer of Hail Mary.

“If the Society of Jesus was truly listening to the voice of the survivors, they would know that they should be mandating priests to report everything to outside, civil authorities,” Savio said.

It is also important to note that that corrupt Jesuits continue to use alumni of Loyola College Chennai as a shield to cover up all their crimes, in a certain case an alumnus involved in a bank fraud case was used to harass and intimidate an abuse victim. All the abuse cases followed the same pattern of cover-up and protection of Church officials, a pattern that continues to this day.

“An observation even echoed by the National Secretary of BJP, Shri. H. Raja” quipped Savio.

Several Jesuits involved in sexual abuse crimes and financial frauds continue to hold senior positions in academic institutions belonging to the Madurai Jesuit Province.

Madurai Jesuit Province appointments paint disturbing picture of Jesuit governance

IndianExpose had earlier observed a pattern in Bishop Franco’s case and a Jesuit priest from St. Joseph’s Tiruchy Fr. Rajarathinam. While any credibly accused Jesuit in the USA is immediately removed from active ministry and is reported to civil authorities, rape accused Jesuit Fr. Rajarathinam continues to serve in active ministry and is currently the Secretary & Correspondent of Loyola College, Vettavalam.

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Close on the heels of the recent Madras High Court observation where Justice S Vaidyanathan of the Madras High Court opined Christian Educational Institutions ‘Highly Unsafe for Girls’ and Christian missionaries’ preaching of morality a million-dollar question several people took to Twitter to express themselves.

Kishore K Swamy, a chennai based social activist, said “The statement of the Madras High Court judge is a scathing attack and raises serious questions on the integrity and credibility of the Christian-run educational institutions.”

“For too long, vacuum sealed systems of power, such as within the Loyola Jesuit Society, have called the shots, protecting their society, its hierarchy and themselves,” Kishore said.

The problem, according to Kishore, is that the institution doesn’t need to get itself any more involved – it needs outside input. Specifically, from local law enforcement to be part of the accountability process.

“Accused priests reporting to themselves!!!, that’s been the problem from the beginning. This should also be seen in the light of the recent Kerala High Court observation which questions whether the cardinal is above the Indian Law.” Kishore said in conclusion.

Jesus warned against such men, “Be on guard against the yeast of the Pharisees – I mean their hypocrisy. Whatever is covered up will be uncovered and every secret will be made known. So then, whatever you have said in the dark will be heard in the broad daylight. Luke 12:1-3” Kennedy concluded.

“Any priest that would exploit a position of power and trust to abuse a woman is a disgrace to the church and a threat to society,” said Savio Rodrigues.

“It appears that the Society of Jesus have lost sight of both key tenets of the Charter and the most obvious human need as a result of these abhorrent acts of abuse: the healing and reconciliation of survivors.”

“The movie Hail Mary will be a reminder that the Church cannot be left to police itself when it comes to clergy sexual abuse – and what happens when communities stand by, silently.” Savio concluded.

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