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Vatican Official in-charge of sexual abuses cases resigns on charges of sexual abuse

(GCCurrentAffairs) Vatican: Sexual abuse crimes of clergy in the Catholic Church is a systemic rot that follows deep inside the highest offices of the Vatican.

IndianExpose has now learned through an official statement of the Holy See’s Office that a Vatican official who handles sexual abuse cases for the Catholic Church has quit, two months after being accused of sexual abuse.

A press statement from the Holy See’s office informed media that Fr Hermann Geissler resigned from his pastoral position as Chief of Staff in the Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith – a body that investigates sexual abuse cases with the Catholic Church earlier this week.

The Holy See press office said Geissler maintained that the accusation was untrue.

Geissler maintained his innocence but said he was resigning to protect the church. He also asked the church to continue a canonical process it had already started to look into the allegation.

Geissler noted he reserved the right to take civil legal action.

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