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Vegetable Crisis in Goa Deepens

Goa is likely to face a severe shortage of vegetables as the crisis in Belgaum is far from resolved and the Goa Pradesh Youth Congress Committee further muddying the waters.
Although the high powered delegation from Goa led by Goa State Horticultural Corporation (GSHC) Managing Director Orland Rodrigues had brokered a deal with the Cantonment Wholesale Vegetable Merchants Association (CWVMA), the same apparently fell through by late night.
Bowing to the demands of the CWVMA, the delegation had agreed to include one more supplier to the existing four to procure vegetables from. While the four suppliers were identified when GSHC had a few outlets, the same were retained even though the outlets increased to over 350.

The bone of contention is that GSHC is procuring nearly 130 tonnes of vegetables costing around Rs. 35 lakhs and the earnings from this huge transaction is limited to only four traders of whom, one garners nearly 75 per cent of the business.
Although the deal was brokered that another supplier would be added to the list, by late evening as the traders demanded that there should be equal opportunity to everybody and decided to continue with the boycott of supply of vegetables to GSHC.
Meanwhile, the Goa Pradesh Youth Congress (GPYY) decided to strike back by blocking all trucks carrying vegetables from Belgaum to Goa to ensure that even the retail vegetable vendors in Goa do not get supply of this necessary commodity.
GPYY General Secretary Upendra Ghatwal said that not a single truck carrying vegetables from Belgaum will be allowed to enter Goa till the supply of vegetables to GSHC is restored. Incidentally, the GSHC is headed by Sankalp Amonkar who is the GPYC President.
Alleging that the Bharatiya Janata Party associates in Belgaum are responsible for the crisis, he said Youth Congress members will lay siege at the check posts at Goa’s border to ensure that the trucks do not enter Goa.

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