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Velim Gram Sabha Opposes Fish Meal Plant

Residents of Velim at the Gram Sabha meeting on Sunday, strongly opposed the government’s proposal to set up a fish meal plant and an ice plant at Cutbona near the fisheries jetty.
The government has initiated the process to acquire 30,000 square metres of land adjacent to the jetty to set up these two facilities.
However, the villagers opposed the government moves pointing out that the land sought to be acquired is khazan land which has been classified as eco-sensitive and any sort of development on that land would be in violation of the Coastal Regulation Zone besides being contrary to the guidelines laid down by the High Court.

The villagers were also upset that the government has initiated the process without carrying out the Environmental Impact Assessment study which is mandatory for projects of this nature.
While asking each Panchayat member to take a stand on this issue, the villagers also prevailed upon the Panchayat to solicit support from the neighbouring Panchayats.
The villagers will sit on a dharna on Wednesday in front of the Velim Panchayat as the first stage of their agitation against the government’s proposal.


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