Version 2.0: Rape of a nun, murder of a priest and a powerful clergy man as an accused


Accused: Father Rathinam Rajarathinam who was the principal of the St Joseph’s College.

Victim: An under 30 year old nun. Accused the priest of raping her multiple times and impregnating her, clicking her naked and threatening to circulate them if she reported the incident. Prenancy was then aborted at a private hospital.

Other accused: Two other priests for threatening her, a principal of a college and a doctor.

The main accused has got anticipatory bail, while the victim nun has been excommunicated by the Catholic Church


Trichy OCT 24, LATE NIGHT BAND : The anarchy of predator priests sododmising and raping runs, seems to be spreading like a gruesome and sick virus. IndianExpose.com is now breaking an absolute chilling story, an identical repeat of the rape of a nun in Kerala allegedly by the Bishop Franco Mulakkal of Jalandhar and the subsequent suspected killing of Fr Kuriakose Kuttutharaa 60-year old priest from the Jalandhar diocese who gave a testimony against the Bishop to the Kerala police against Bishop Franco Mulakkal.

And like the death of Fr Kuriakose, the death of the priest in Version 2, was also passed off as a natural one, though he died in mysterious circumstances.

Version 2 is the story of a Catholic nun (name withheld for legal reasons) from Trichy, India. The sister, under 30, alleged that she was raped and impregnated by Father Rathinam Rajarathinam who was the President of the St Joseph’s College from 2006-2008.

In 2006, she was pursuing her Masters in Arts at St Joseph’s College where she met Fr Rajarathinam. In her complaint to the police, the Sister alleged that during one of their meetings, Fr Rajarathinam served her a drink laced with sedatives. She was then raped, pictures of naked body were taken on his cellphone camera and she was threatened against reporting the matter.

Fr Rajarathinam continued to sexually abuse the nun several times and as a result she got pregnant. The pregnancy was aborted at a private hospital in 2008.

To add to the absolute shock, the nun has been ex-communicated by the Catholic Church and her main source of support targeted and possibly killed.

Priest Father Susaipitchai, aged 55 and was the Rector of the St Joseph’s College at the time of the case. He was also vocal in his fight to remove Father Rajarathinam from his principal position of St Joseph’s College.

Father Susaipitchai was found dead in his room on his bed.  The door in his room was broken open after he was not seen for two days and he failed to answer his phone calls. The police conducted an autopsy and found that the priest died of cardiac arrest on Dec 17, 2010. Father Susaipitchai was reportedly harassed by fellow priests for his stand against the accused rapist Fr Rajarathinam.

The mysterious death of Father Susaipitchai continues to remain a mystery even though his death was declared as natural death.

Fr Rajarathinam is currently the Secretary of the Loyola College, Vettavalam, Tiruvannamalai District.

In her complaint the victim nun named a few other priests of threatening her, on behalf of the accused priest Fr Rajarathinam. She also filed a complaint with the local police. However, Fr Rajarathinam was granted anticipatory bail by the Madras High Court on November 3, 2010.

The other accused by the name in the case were Fr Provincial Mudiappasamy Devadoss, Fr Joe Xavier SJ, Fr Xavier Vedam, the Prinicipal of Arulanadar College, Karumathur and Dr Suchitra, attached to the Kavery Hospital, who had allegedly conducted the abortion on the nun.

Fr Devadoss and Fr Xavier were charged under section 506 (1) for criminal intimidation, Fr Xaxier Vedam under section 506 (1) and also the Women’s Harassment Act section 4 and Dr Suchitra was charged under Section 201 (causing disappearance of evidence) and 313 (causing miscarriage without woman’s consent).

The Jesuit Provincial set-up a one-man probe committee to investigate the case.

On June 26, 2012 the Mahila Court stopped trial proceedings in this sexual abuse case, till such time, when the state government appointed a Special Public Prosecutor after the original prosecutor walked out of the case.

Now let us correlate this above case to rape case of the 44-year old nun raped by Bishop Franco Mulakkal.

A nun accuses Bishop Franco Mulakkal of rape. He is accused of raping her 13-times from 2014 to 2016.

The nun has been bribed, threatened and slandered.

In this case also, Vatican has also set a one-man probe into the allegations against Bishop Franco Mulakkal. But no investigation has started so far

A priest Fr Kuriakose Kuttuthara provided encouragement and support to the raped nun and other sisters supporting her fight for justice.

Fr Kuriakose was vocal about his views on the rape case.

The priest faced mental and emotional torture at the hands of the accused Bishop Franco Mulakkal and other priests of the Archdiocese of Jalandhar.

Fr Kuriakose’s vehicle was damaged by miscreants after he voiced his opinion to media. He feared for his life and even communicated that fear to his family and other priests close to him.

When the accused Bishop Franco Mulakkal got conditional bail, Fr Kuriakose told media that he feared for his life now that Bishop Mulakkal was granted conditional bail.

Sadly, five days after the release of Bishop Franco Mulakkal, Fr Kuriakose has been found dead in his room.

The door of his room was broken upon when a priest found that Fr Kuriakose had not come out of his room for a day.

The initial statement of the Punjab police states that it appears to be a natural death due to heart attack. Nevertheless, a post-mortem has been conducted and a case of unnatural death was registered after the family of Fr Kuriakose filed a complaint alleging foul play because he was a prime witness in the case.

Bishop Franco Mulakkal like Fr Rajarathinam is a powerful man in the Catholic Church. Both deaths strangely were of the priests who supported the victims who alleged rape against both the clergymen.

The family of Fr Kuriakose does not have much confidence in the postmortem report by Punjab police, because they believe that the local authority is hand in glove with the accused Bishop Franco.

They are awaiting a post-mortem report, following they will look at doing another report in Kerala. Fr Kuriakose’s body has been handed over to the family and the post-mortem reported in expected today or tomorrow.

IndianExpose sees a pattern in both cases, the power of the Church to silence rape victims in their fight for justice.


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