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Victory to Villagers, IDC Drops Acquisition Plan

In a major victory to village groups opposing indiscriminate land acquisition by the government and its various authorities, the Goa Industrial Development Corporation decided to drop its plan to acquire 14.5 lakh square metres of land.
Faced with stiff opposition from the villagers of Nagoa, Verna, Loutolim, Cortalim and Quelossim that came together under the banner of Voice of Villagers to object to GIDC’s acquisition of additional 14.5 lakh square metres of land, the Corporation decided to drop the proposal.
GIDC Chairman Chandrakant Kavlekar said that GIDC initially had proposed to acquire only 2,33,900 square metres for expansion of the Verna Industrial Estate.

However, according to him some additional Survey Numbers were added by mistake due to which the land to be acquired increased to 16,83,900 square metres.
He said now the GIDC has decided to acquire only 2,33,900 square metres as decided earlier and dropped the additional 14.5 lakh square metres.

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