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Vijai turns guns on Govt – Mining Companies nexus

Alleging that the BJP-led government under Parrikar is no different than the Congress-led government under Kamat when it come to issues on mining, he demanded that a committee of MLAs be set up to probe irregularities involved in the transfer of mining leases between private companies.

Sardesai alleges that the government was allowing the transfer of leases between mining companies as against auctioning the surrendered leases to the highest bidder. He further alleged that the government has consented to the transfer of a mine of 97.05 ha in Shigao, Collem from one private company to another.

“There are questions being raised in the mind of the public whether the government is trying to act like a middle man or if there are middle-men benefitting from such shady deals,” expressed Sardesai.

While not spelling out the name of the major mine owning company, owning the most number of leases who are trying to sell their leases to another private company, he did mention that he was raise this particular issue in the forthcoming Assembly session.


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