Vijay’s Letter to GoaChronicle.com

Based on malicious media reports alleging that I, Vijai Sardesai has taken undue advantage of the Government of Goa machinery and also stooped to forging documents and signature of government officials in particular Director of Tourism, Swapnil Naik; I would like to clarify the truth on this issue.

  1. I have travelled to the US as a private individual for which I had received a letter from Redefine Consulting and Redefine Vacations – a PR and tour agency – based in USA. As such the question of forging Swapnil Naik’s signature or any government document does not arise. However, I believe the malicious controversy is stemming from the fact that Redefine Vacations has been also appointed by the empanelled agency MX Advertising hired by the Government of Goa to conduct the US road shows; but, if I had to have travelled using the good offices of the government of Goa or their associates. It would foolish to have paid for the cost of travel, accommodation and visa processing charges by myself for which I have the bills that have been issued to me, cheque details of the amount paid to the agency MX Advertising.
  2. Here below are the bill and cheque details of my payments done to MX Advertising. The MX Advertising Invoice No: P0468 for the amount Rs 5, 78,524 has been issued to me and I in turn issued a cheque dates 03/04/2011 and numbered 186649 drawn on Saraswat Bank, Margao and I am awaiting the receipt for the same.
  3. Since I have proved beyond reasonable doubt that this was a private trip and I have not misused my office or government machinery it would be inappropriate for members of the public or anybody to raise such allegations on this.
  4. As regards to the BJP National Secretary and Goa Desk-in-Charge comments I would like to say that the Fatorda MLA is now imported support from outside the state to malign me politically after having failed to substantiate any allegations against me, in spite of shouting from the roof top for the last three years. Ms Mehra should introspect into the behavior of BJP MLAs and prominent office bearers in Goa on their several foreign trips which were incidentally not private but at government cost.  If need be I will expose the same.
  5. Incidentally, Ms Mehra who happens to be a Municipal Corporator from Delhi and a former Mayor of the Municipal Corporation of Delhi has quoted controversy for having granted advertising rights to an agency which was blacklisted by her predecessors for having a pending payment of Rs 20 crore to the Municipal Corporation of Delhi. Her ward is also one of the ward in Delhi that has the most number of unauthorized constructions. And one cannot ignore the allegations that she faces from local quarters that a park meant for citizens has been grabbed with her support and then on the issue being raised it was given back to the Municipal Corporation.

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