Vikas EcoTech Ltd.’s Export of Organotin PVC Stabilisers to USA Continues on Growth Path

BSE and NSE Listed Vikas EcoTech have recently announced that despite the current COVID-19 crisis, company’s exports of its flagship product, the eco-friendly ‘Organotin PVC Stabilisers‘ to the United States of America (world’s largest Organotin market) have continued unabated.

Mr. Vikas Garg, MD

The company has tied-up with one of the largest specialty chemical/Organotin stabilizer distributor in USA, having a well-established country wide distribution network. The US Company has continued placing its orders as per their earlier agreement with the company for 2020, and is eyeing a long-term association.

Organotin stabilizer is a US FDA approved product and is the most sought after substitute for the health hazardous lead-based PYC Stabilizers. Organotins are recommended by most international legislations for potable water pipes and fittings and have received extensive global certifications and approvals for food contact applications. USA is the world’s largest consumer of Organotin stabilisers – having banned lead and other harmful chemical based PVC stabilizers in the mid 1980’s. During FY 2019-20 the Company export to USA was almost 1,000 MTs or Rs. 500 Million in Value terms.

In India too, the demand for Organotin Stabilisers has seen a significant increase after NGT (National Green Tribunal) order which banned the use of Lead based stabilizers in PVC pipes and has order their systematic phase out. They have recently got an order from HIL Limited (a CK Birla Group Co.), resuming business post-COVID-19 lockdown. Company expects domestic sales to jump significantly post the lockdown as most of the inventory at ground level has been drawn down and the supply pipeline is pushing hard to replenish it.

Vikas EcoTech is the only manufacturer of Organotins in India with in-house R&D facilities and is one amongst single digit number of manufacturer worldwide who have the technology and expertise for its manufacturing right from tin metal stage to the final product.

Commenting on the business development Mr. Dinesh Bhardwaj, CEO of the company said, “Our constant endeavor is to build on our expertise in the Organotin stabiliser business, continuation of orders from one of the largest distribution channel partner in USA market despite the disruption caused by COVID-19 pandemic is heartening. It is an important endorsement of acceptability and suitability of Company’s products in USA, the world’s largest and prestigious Organotin Market worth nearly a Billion dollars annually.”

Vikas Ecotech is an emerging player in the global arena of the high end specialty chemicals players. The Company’s incremental innovation engine improvises on both technology and processes to help them produce a product-solution mix which offers a higher value offering to the company’s customers across industries.

As an integrated, multi-specialty product solutions company, VEL produces a wide variety of superior quality, eco-friendly rubber-plastic compounds and additives. The Company’s rubber-plastic compounds and additives are process critical and value enabling ingredients used to manufacture a varied cross-section of high-performance, environment-neutral and safety-critical products.

From agriculture to automotives, cables to electricals, hygiene to healthcare, polymers to packaging, textiles to footwear, VEL’s products serve a diverse range of global industry needs.

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