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Villagers Demand Ouster of Raia Sarpanch

The convention held for general category last month came to haunt Savio Gomes, Sarpanch of Raia as villagers demanded his ouster accusing him of insulting the Scheduled Tribe community of Goa and arguing that he had no moral right to continue in office for going against the tenets of the Constitution of India.
It may be recalled that Raia hosted a convention for general category people which was publicized as a convention for “non-ST community” and the Goa State Scheduled Tribes Action Committee took umbrage to this tag.

Carrying placards and banners and shouting slogans demanding the Sarpanch’s resignation, the protestors created chaos and confusion at the gram Sabha meeting scheduled on Sunday. They compelled the panch members belonging to the ST community to climb down from the dais and other non-ST members too joined them leaving only the Sarpanch, Deputy Sarpanch and one panch Flory Monteiro on the dais.
Sarpanch’s arguments that nothing was said against the ST community and justification that the convention was organized following a demand from poor people of other communities fell on deaf ears.
The meeting ended abruptly after the Sarpanch, deputy Sarpanch and Flory climbed down from the dais and the gram Sabha member elected to chair the meeting confessed of being unable to answer any of the queries that would be raised by the members.

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