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Vishwajit In Dock Over Asilo Privatisation

Following the High Court’s stay on the privatization of the Asilo hospital, skeletons in the cupboard have begun stumbling out pointing fingers to Health Minister Vishwajit Rane for circumventing not only the procedures but also people but more seriously ignoring pertinent issues raised by statutory authorities.
What has now become apparent is that the Health Department totally ignored the queries raised by Law Department regarding the Agreement to be signed with the private party Radiant Life Care Pvt. Ltd.

The Law Department had clearly mentioned in the file that the issue of transfer of staff to the private entity needed to be finalized in consultation with the Department of Finance and Department of Personnel. This was totally ignored by the Health Department while signing the agreement with Radiant Life Care Pvt. Ltd.
Further, the Law Department noting of 26th April 2011 also pointed out that the payment of concession fee was not finalized. But more seriously, the Law Department also observed that the Health Secretary was bypassed in this entire matter.
This particular PPP model of the government has come in for severe criticism with the Opposition Bharatiya Janata Party questioning the rationale of the government providing the infrastructure to the firm and also paying them to run the hospital and further permitting the company to charge patients also.

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