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Visiting Dabolim a ‘Code of Conduct’ Violation: Congress Spokesperson

Alleging that the Chief Minister is misusing his Government Office to entice voters of Cortalim by saying that the contentious Dabolim Airport will not close down even if Mopa Airport comes up in the near future and visiting the Dabolim Airport is a violation of the ‘Code of Conduct’, Goa Pradesh Congress Committee, spokesperson, Jitendra Deshprabhu said that he has raised the issue with the Election Commission of India.

“I have spoken to Electoral Officer and conveyed the party’s serious apprehension on the acts of the Chief Minister with regards to the Dabolim Airport and his use of Government Office to intimidate voters by talking about the Dabolim Airport, when the government’s own International Civil Aviation Organisations (ICAO) Report states that it would not be feasible to run two airports. Therefore, we believe that the BJP and its CM are misguiding the people on this fact.”

However, what is left to be seen is whether the Congress Party makes an official complaint on this issue.

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