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VLCC Billboard Adds Russian Touch

Russians seem to be the flavor for most tourism companies when it comes to Goa, now even VLCC – a popular health-nutrition company that have diversified into products has decided to promote its product in the Russian language in Goa, if the content on the billboards is anything to go by.
If you were to drive from Panjim to Margao you will notice that VLCC’s new sun-screen product has its content displayed not only in English but in Russian as well.
While Russians signage is common in some shops along the coastal regions though not legal, this strategy by the popular branded company will certainly turn a

 few eye-balls owing to the growing animosity between the local Goans and the growing Russian dominance in certain parts of Goa. That nobody has yet noticed it is a question left to be best answered by the Goa-based activists.
A media strategist commented that since there is a large influx of Russian tourists in Goa, the company would have resorted to following the dictates of the market demands to target the Russian tourist who use a lot of sun-screen lotions.
Not too long-ago Skoda – popular car brand- ran a billboard campaign saying ‘Goa-More European than before’ this however was finally taken down after the campaign was over.
Goa Chronicle has not yet been able to get a feedback from VLCC corporate office before the story went online.

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