Volody Launches Video Conferencing Feature to Digitally Empower the Businesses During COVID

  • Volody launches the new video conferencing feature on its board meeting app, minimising the physical communication among board members and employees
  • The feature will enable board members to meet virtually and conduct board meetings for strategic discussion and decision making

Volody, a leading on-cloud enterprise software product company, has recently introduced a video conferencing feature on its Board Meeting app. The brand is known to provide a bouquet of products best suited for legal and compliance functions and is seen paying heed to the recent COVID pandemic as it is not possible to meet in-person to conduct Board meetings.

Volody understands the communication gap that’s hindering the growth of an enterprise as social distancing has reduced personal interaction among board members for Board meetings. This has inspired the company to introduce the new feature, enabling the board members to stay connected and have virtual conferences, discussing elaborately the company performance, internal issues, social challenges and a strategic road map for the future growth. The video conferencing feature intends to aid the businesses and help the board members to carry on growth agenda of the business just by click of button.

Volody, over time, has observed that the board meetings require extensive paperwork that needs to be read, analyzed and deliberated and the traditional process of circulation of bulky agenda documents, meeting discussion papers is not convenient, in-secure and full of logistic nightmare, especially in the current pandemic. The conventional approach to handle the document is to either send the physical book by hand, courier or send the document through emails – which, due to the current outbreak, is becoming impossible. This is where the Volody Board Meeting app steps in; it’s a secure solution to communicate with board members and the business leaders can easily access documents digitally, make comments, notes, cast vote and communicate with companies virtually.

The Volody Board Meeting app, when incorporated with the new feature, ensures a safe and smooth conduct of board meeting including video conference ensure secure documents transmission digitally and allowing the members to have all their in-person options on the virtual platform without missing out on anything.

Understanding the gravity of the present scenario, the companies are adapting to new approaches and adopting the latest technology to digitise their approach to survive the storm and keep their boat afloat. The crisis is eventually turning into an opportunity for businesses as they adopt virtual solution as their new normal and make senior board members not just tech-enabled but also connected and in-sync to make the difficult decisions without any hindrance or obstacle.

Commenting on the launch of the new feature, Dinesh Sharma, Founder & CEO, Volody, said, “We are very proud that Volody Board Meeting Software comes with in-built feature of video-conference collaborating with leading players. I am confident that board members will have lot of ease in attending and participating in board meetings to discuss business operations and deliberate on strategic decisions virtually.”

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