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Voters prefer Biden over Trump on almost all major issues

Washington: According to the latest opinion polls Democratic presidential candidate and former Vice-President Joe Biden who leads President Trump, 50 percent to 41 percent, is preferred by most voters on all major issues, a New York Times report said.

According to the report most Americans strongly disapprove of the way President Trump responded to the COVID pandemic and his handling of the economy.

The report further said that with just two weeks left in the campaign, Mr Trump does not seem to be holding an edge on any of the most pressing issues at stake in the election, leaving him with little room for a political recovery unless and until Mr Biden does something politically suicidal in the coming days.

The paper said that Mr Trump had even lost his longstanding advantage on economic matters: Voters are now evenly split on whether they have more trust in him or Mr. Biden to manage the economy.

On all other subjects tested in the poll, voters preferred Mr Biden over Mr Trump by modest to wide margins. Mr Biden is favored over Mr Trump to lead on the coronavirus pandemic by 12 points, and voters trust Mr Biden over Mr Trump to choose Supreme Court justices and to maintain law and order by six-point margins. Americans see Mr Biden as more capable of uniting the country by nearly 20 points.

Over all, Mr Biden is backed by 50 percent of likely voters, the poll showed, compared with 41 percent for Mr Trump and 3 percent divided among other candidates.

The survey also made it clear that crucial constituencies are poised to reject Mr Trump because they cannot abide by his conduct, including 56 percent of women and 53 percent of white voters with college degrees who said they had a very unfavorable impression of Mr Trump.

The president’s diminished standing on economic matters and law and order is a major setback for him, who for much of the general election has staked his fortunes on persuading Americans that a Biden administration will leave them impoverished and unsafe. But that argument has not managed to move the electorate in his favour.

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