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VP High School to take BJP Govt to Court Over MoI


The Viscount De Pernem High School is to approach the Goa Bench of the Bombay High Court to challenge the recent decision taken by Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar of the BJP-led government on the Medium of Instruction (MoI) to allow grant-in-aid to schools who migrated to English medium during the last year imbroglio on the issue.

Speaking on the issue, Jitendra Deshprabhu, managing trustee, VPHS expressed, “Issue is that there are numerous schools who have started their institutions in the English Medium but these institutions at the time of commencement of their schools were denied grant-in-aid under the pretext that the policy was only to promote primary education in mother tongue, which is Konkani or Marathi but not in English. Concession was further given to institutions running in other vernacular language including Kanada and Urdu.”
Further elaborating, Deshprabhu said, the institutions who continued with English language have imparted quality education for all the years they have been functioning, but the Parrikar government contradicting or undermining the interests of the students by allowing 127 institutions who has migrate during the Congress regime to English medium for grant-in-aid while the institutions that were already running without grants seemed to have been penalized by disallowing grant-in-aid not only at the very inception but they ought to have given the first consideration before contemplating promotion of newer institutions such as the migrated English medium schools.

“The government is not doing any favor to such institutions but there is definitely injustice done to the institutions who have been imparting education in English language for the past many years. The principles of level playing field have been thrown to the winds so also those schools which ventured into imparting English at the primary level many years ago could only start an institution by giving an undertaking that they will run the institution without claim for any grant at that time. Since there was no such policy of the Government. If they now come forward to give grants to institutions who medium of instruction has now become English language, the government must not take shelter behind the cohesive tactics implemented many years ago in respect to running of primary institution. The actions of the government therefore are a denial of natural justice implemented at the time when the old English medium institutions took inception. And therefore a situation will emerge that such English language institutions who are imparting quality education for all these years will have to take legal recourse which perhaps this government desires to once again create a further imbroglio of the MoI issue.”


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