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Wagh supporters demand arrest of BJP MLA Kandolkar

Around 200 supporters of St Andre MLA Vishnu Wagh gathered at the Azad Maidan in Panaji to demand that Tivim MLA Kiran Kandolkar be booked for criminal conspiracy in the case of attack against Wagh on Goa Liberation Day.

As the protesters shouted slogans in Wagh’s support on Friday afternoon, Wagh was recuperating at the Goa Medical College from the attack where close to 100 persons, alleged to be workers from the MLA’s own Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), stoned Wagh’s vehicle as he was returning from Kandolkar’s constituency after a cultural show.

“The BJP is afraid that if Wagh contests for the parliamentary elections from North Goa on the ticket of another party, the BJP will be beaten very badly in the polls. But that Wagh is considering contesting on an NCP ticket is purely rumours. He has not said anywhere that he will contest elections to be member of parliament. He cannot stop people from talking,” Simon Caiado of Goa Velha said.

A delegation from the supporters later met North Goa superintendent of police Priyanka Kashyap to demand that investigations in Wagh’s case be expedited.

“The attack was by Kiran Khandolkar’s men and it was a pre-planned attack. One cannot gather so many men at the spur of a moment. We know that the intention was not to hurt Wagh, but to threaten and scare him into not contesting the 2014 polls. The BJP is very insecure as they are on shaky ground in Goa at present. The BJP was voted to power by the people only because Congress did not field the right candidates, and people are already regretting electing the BJP and the party realizes this,” Caiado said.

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