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Wagh tries to ‘roar’ but might end with ‘meow’!

BJP MLA drama and creativity over trying to blackmail or coerce his BJP-led government to appease his dream for a Cabinet berth might end up being a mere Pussycat’s ‘meow’ instead of a Loin’s ‘roar’.

An impression has been created by some political leaders in the local Congress unit that BJP MLA Vishnu Surya Wagh had met with All India Congress Committee (AICC) vice-president Rahul Gandhi last week. Though it is a fact that Wagh did seek an audience with Gandhi and leaders such as the acting GPCC president Subash Shirodkar, Spokesperson Sudip Tamankar and a AICC Secretary was present in Delhi and even went to the VPs office but no appointment was granted. This was confirmed to by the a personal secretary of Rahul Gandhi when we met yesterday in Delhi.

However, post the non-existent meeting,  efforts were made to communicate a message in Goa, that Wagh was in talks with Congress and was trying to moot for a Lok Sabha Congress ticket. Wagh however did meet with Digvijay Singh who regaled him with his non-commitments and humor. Apparently, has learnt that Congress vice-president was not keen to meet Wagh on his demands of toppling the government or getting a Lok Sabha ticket.

Supporters of Wagh have intensified their demand for a Cabinet berth for Wagh or have asked him to resign for the government. The question is whether the Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar will fall prey to such mechanizations of this MLA whose loyalty to any party has always been in doubt.

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