Wake Up ……….the time is here

Goa Police Department has the noble task of protecting the rights of citizens, living or dead and to maintain law and order. For this they are expected to have a high standard of discipline, uprightness, a sound body in a sound mind. We expect them to be persons of unquestionable integrity. Politeness and courtesy is expected to be their hallmark.
The hierarchy in the police department generally, is lacking in the above qualities with regard to their subordinates. The subordinates are made to work like machines. They are subjected to abuse – verbal and otherwise by their immediate superiors. A casual visit to most police stations will reveal this fact.
The tragic death of Police Constable Chandru  Gawas after consuming Ratol,  a rodent poison, merits an introspection by this department  which is actually the backbone of democracy. A young man on the verge of a happy marriage, full of dreams was shattered allegedly by the humiliation caused to him by his superiors.  The Goa Police have to search their souls for the truth. His statement to the Special Judicial Magistrate — Ms Maria Mascarenhas – in which he has allegedly blamed certain police personnel needs to be taken a serious note of. Police should join me in my demand for a ban on Ratol—a proven killer.
The lower cadre of police is expected to perform the most menial of tasks for their superiors and their families.  God forbid the one who delays/fails, he will be showered with the choicest bad words, may even be kicked or slapped.  The humiliation caused that too in public view, is enough to cause depression.
The subordinates in the police department are expected to work 24×7 and more.   No rest, no food at times in the name of call of duty. His/her basic needs are  not met. If he is lucky he may visit his family once a month. Sleep is a luxury he can ill afford and if at all, then for a couple of hours on a dirty bed sheet spread on a hard bed with neither a fan, ventilation or mosquito coil. Their duties begin often without food, drink or bath. The toilets are stinking and caked with dirt. One who uses them could well end up with a disease.
The dignity and needs of the human being are not respected or cared for. Spending time with family rejuvenates the police person and strengthens him physically and emotionally to work with vigour. This too is denied to them by the call of duty. Stress with no respite causes immeasurable damage to the police person. Humiliation is the last straw to break the camel’s back. All these act as contributory factors to frustrations and depression. A sensitive person can collapse under the strain like Chandru Gawas did.
There should be no more Chandrus. This appears to be the second or third suicide case in the police department. This is a wake up call for the Director General of Police Aditya Arya to orient his department to the changing needs of a civilized society. Life is precious!
A suggestion I would like to make is that riot gear be purchased in sufficient quantity and supplied to all police stations in Goa.  I am saying this because a number of women police faced the ire of the angry agitators at Panaji Police Station and were injured, also in the Balli riots
A politically appointed police officer in the department is compelled to succumb to political pressures and compulsions. This puts him under tremendous stress, which he in turn vents on his staff.
If this situation is not handled in time, a number of skeletons will tumble out of the police department cupboards. Charity begins at home. You are protectors of human rights; protect those of your staff. Have a system of counseling, relaxation, a gym for all.  A grievance redressal system has to be in place which will take care of any physical or mental stress /problems.
Clean immediately the atmosphere and the work space. Only a change in attitude to your subordinates can play a role. Remember the saying by Stephen Covey , “your attitude determines  your altitude”.

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