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War against ‘Garbage’!

You might be surprised by the headline. But it is not what we as Goans need to do; wage a war against garbage and the authorities who cannot get about setting the garbage issue right in the state either through information or action.

Tourism amongst several other sectors is a major revenue earner for the state. But with tourism also comes more garbage and that is a fact. But why is that so? Is it because the domestic or international tourist lack basic civic sense. If that is so, then why do some domestic travelers when they travel abroad become the epitome of civic sense. Or for that matter the foreign travelers who come to Goa are used to following a system of basic civic sense on these matters, so it is hard to believe that they deliberately dump garbage all over the place.

The problem I see is with the government authorities and their attitude to controlling the garbage menace. Even the current government seems to have gone to sleep on this front.

Let me give you an example, I live in Navelim. After every 100 meters or so, you will find garbage lying on the side of the road. And people from the villages (mostly migrants, some Goans) think that because someone. else has dumped garbage on the side of the road, it is also means that they too are not violating any laws by dumping the garbage. I travel all the way to Margao, where there is a big dust-bin to dump my daily garbage, which at most times have dogs and cows scavenging into it.

Garbage is not a small issue, but an issue that can make or break a state. From issues of placing garbage bins, to garbage dump sites, nothing appears to be getting resolved, while the garbage continues to pile up. And political will seems to be lacking because no one sees it as a major concern.

But if the authorities don’t see it as an issue, cannot the people of Goa do something about it. Look back at Goa a few years ago, did this menace of garbage exist and would it have growing so exponentially if the people kept a check on it.

While South is still a pleasure in some pockets to drive around, North Goa is slowly becoming famous for its garbage piles. And this is just not my observation but observation of many loyal visitors to Goa, who feel the beauty of Goa is getting tarnished with the garbage. I remember the conversation with the mother of my good friend and one of GoaChronicle.com, biggest source of encouragement Vikram Naharwar (who lives in Goa and runs a successful business). She told me that every year her opinion about the charm and beauty of Goa diminishes because she sees it turning into a cesspool of garbage. And something must be done about it.

Taking cue from that and many other feedbacks from our friends and friends of Goa. Vikram and myself have been toying with the idea to take-on the garbage menace head-on even if it means getting the government to act. We know and people in authority know that today in the world there are enough of resources to solve the garbage problem in Goa, all it requires is a political and administrative will to do it.

We were hoping that some of GC readers could also pitch in with ideas or inputs. For a start, we decided to adopt a constituency and use our resources to create awareness and even bringing about the necessary technology to solve the garbage menace, if the people of the constituency agree , to make it a model ‘Garbage Free’ constituency. This a thought that we are working towards putting in action in a short while. But if there are anymore ideas let us know…

I appeal to the Goans to take out a ‘War against Garbage’. The people in Bangalore are raising a stink, its time for the people of Goa too to raise a stink too…


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