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We cannot provide free electricity to people: Goa Power Minister Cabral

Panaji: Power Ministers of Delhi and Goa held a debate over power supply in both the state and argued whether free power supply can be given to the people of the coastal state or not.

In the much hyped debate, both Delhi Power Minister Satyender Jain and his Goa counterpart Nilesh Cabral tried to corner each other. BJP leader admitted that they can’t provide free 24/7 electricity to Goa. Cabral said old bills could not be waived. AAP Power Minister Satyendar Jain reiterated the party’s guarantee of free power and drove home his point by asking why the BJP had money for Ministers bills and to buy MLAs but not for Goans. Jain also cornered the Cabral on why he has failed to provide uninterrupted power to Goans so far.

In the debate Jain highlighted that Goans pay taxes using their hard earned money and AAP wants to make sure they get the maximum benefit out of the taxes they pay.

“Goans too deserve free power because Goa has a much higher per capita budget than Delhi and despite this, Goans have to pay for basic amenities, which are also of poor quality. There are repeated power cuts in Goa, poor quality infrastructure, T&D losses, and the common man suffers, students suffer, businesses suffer,” he said.

Cabral said no such scheme was in place only to have Satyendar Jain pull out a document from his Cabral’s own Department that provides for free electricity to all Ministers.

“Nothing is free in this world. Whatever they are providing for the people of Delhi is taken from the taxpayers of Delhi and besides they have borrowed crores of rupees, expressed Cabral while accusing the Delhi government of subsidising power rates to benefit private discoms (distribution companies), which continued to rake in profits at the cost of the taxpayer.

“Mr Cabral is making excuses like a schoolboy who forgot his homework,” remarked Jain.

“Mr Cabral if you can get free power than why do you want to deny this to your neighbors and other fellow Goans,” he said.

Cabral admitted that it would not cost the Government much to waive old unpaid bills that were inflated.

Jain said the amount to waive off the unpaid bills of Goans was so less that even one MLA can not be purchased.

When asked about the budget requirements for such a policy, Jain said, “What is done is Delhi is efficient usage of people’s money. We are not using this money to buy MLAs, but we are spending people’s money on people. In Delhi, the govt has Rs 30000 to spend on every Delhiite but Pramod Sawant has 1,40,000 to spend on every Goans, still the common Goan is suffering.”


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