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We don’t support illegal mining, why should we be penalized: GBOA

Being caught between the devil and the deep blue sea, Goa Barge Owners Association (GBOA) feel that the current decision by both the Central and State government on suspension of environmental clearances and closure of mines in Goa will severely affect their business.”We don’t support illegal mining, why should we be penalised,” expressed a visibly disturbed President, Atul V Jadhav, GBOA.

Today GBOA is a 190 members association having 400 barges, 5000 working as crew on barges and around 30000 in ancillary services. But more importantly owing to the lackadaisical attitude of successive government to curb illegal mining, services that function on account of legal mining is now fighting to save its 500 crore exposure of banks loans. Out of which Rs 150 crore is with Co-Operative banks in Goa.

Further asserting his point of view, Jadhav, said,”Even if the government is constrained to take any action, we plead that our interest is safe-guarded. Also if we can be given
moratorium on our loans and interests. We would also request the government for operational subsidies from the Inland Waterways Authority of India to meet our fixed costs like wages so that we are not forced to re-trench a large number of our crew.”

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