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We don’t want drugs consuming tourists: Goa sends out warning through its new tourism policy

Panjim: Goa initiates ‘War on Drugs’ by sending a strong message through its new Tourism Policy.

Goa Tourism Minister, Manohar (Babu) Azgaonkar, told media after a Cabinet meeting that the broad objective of the tourism policy was to promote the natural beauty of Goa, its heritage and widen the current one-track focus on Goa’s beaches by promoting hinterland tourism.

He also pointed out that Goa will take strong measures to discourage tourists from consuming drugs and also keeping tourists from cooking in public places.

“We want good tourists. We do not want drugs and tourists who consume drugs. We do not want people who cook food on the streetside,” Azgaonkar said, adding that these two aspects spoil the image of Goa Tourism.

Budget tourists traveling in large vehicles and camping and cooking in public places and footpaths has been a subject of debate in the Assembly in the last few years with lawmakers calling the trend a menace.


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