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We must find Mithun Shinde…

It’s been eighteen days since Mithun Shinde left the Tito’s Bar with his friends and ventured out on to the Baga Beach in the wee hours of the morning; being slightly intoxicated Mithun and friends fell off to sleep on the sand. When the friends awoke Mithun was missing, all search to find him that day proved futile.

Mithun had done his MBA from Symbiosis and is working as a Business Analyst at Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu (US based consultancy and accounting firm) in Hyderabad.

The next day Mithun’s father arrived from Pune and a FIR was filed at the Calangute police station. But over two weeks later the police have no clue about his whereabouts; and of course the family is panicking.

GoaChronicle.com learnt about the Mithun Shinde incident when Monika Patil (Mithun Shinde’s sister) posted the details on Goa Speaks a popular group page on Facebook. Following which we have been in touch with the family. We have also spoken to DGP Arya on the issue who has assured us that police are doing all that they can. We also spoke to Chief Minister Digambar Kamat, who had the courtesy and humility to ask us for the number of Mithun’s family and he spoke to them and assured them of all the support they would require. This is something we truly appreciate of what the CM has done.

This morning we assisted the family told a press conference in Margao. The media was extremely supportive and concerned; bar a few who felt GoaChronicle.com should not take up issues and hold press conferences because we need to be unbiased. So to them I say, media needs to go beyond just being the watchdog and dissipating information, but it also needs to take a conscious stand on issues. And Mithun Shinde is an issue, a serious issue, simply because it questions the very safety and security of tourists whether domestic or international when they come to Goa. Also important is the fact that after eighteen days the police are yet not able to trace him.

Baga Beach even at 3.30 am is quite a bustling tourist spot and for someone to go missing without a trace, no matter how inebriated state and no one spotting him, would be difficult to accept.

Goa is known to be safe to most tourists when compared to other states in the country. Yes we have had some serious foreign tourist related incidents that has not only got us national negative publicity but also international bad publicity which we never needed.

We can sit and speculate on the numerous possibilities to what could have happened to Mithun. What does not change the one fact is that he continues to remain missing and that poses a serious question to us as Goans. Because we have a guest that comes to our state and within our midst he goes missing and no one has a clue about it.

If the case was about an international tourist, we would have had national media shouting all possible slogans about Goa and covering every possible angle to the story. Does a young Indian boy not deserve the same support and should we not as Goans try and pool in our resources and try to locate him.

There is no case of a love-affair gone wrong, there was no trouble at the office, in fact he just got promoted, I am told. It baffles me to understand what could have happened.

One of the friends, who had been interrogated by the police, mentions that normally Mithun could hold at least four pegs of a drink, but when he downed two vodkas at their fun and frolic time at the bar, he was completely out and needed the support of their shoulders.

Many are saying that he could have ventured out into the sea. But according to Mithun’s family, he never knew how to swim and even if he did, the body if he had drowned would have surely shown-up somewhere along the coastline by now but so far nothing.

The police have got the CCTV footage of Mithun outside of Mambos, but failed to procure the footage from inside Tito’s Bar.  Ricky DeSouza – the co-owner of Tito’s has been supportive and has agreed to handover all possible footage of that day inside the bar to the police, family and copy to us, so that some leads could be sought.

It important for us Goans to understand the implication of such incidents; more importantly we need to lend a hand of support to the family by assisting them in their search for Mithun.

Please help us in searching for Mithun Shinde…

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