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We The People Launched For Educating Goan Electorate

We the People, a new front was launched at a meeting held in Gomantak Maratha Samaj Hall at Panjim on the Republic Day with the sole aim of educating Goan on the political morass that has set in the State and how they can change it.
The consensus at the end of the nearly three hour long meeting was that meetings should be held in every village in Goa to awaken the people to their responsibilities in a democracy and create a cadre that will stand up for Goa and Goans in future.
A large number of people from different parts of Goa and from different walks of life had gathered at the hall to express their anguish over what is happening in Goa and send a message to the government that it better listen to their voices to improve the situation.

Co-Convenor of the meeting Lyndon Monteiro summed up the evils affecting the Goan society by stating that it was solely because there was a total collapse of the administration which can be seen in the collapse of the law and order machinery where police men sell drugs and even kill innocent people.
Fr. Bismark Dias in a hard hitting address said that if the land mass of Goa and the Goan identity has to be preserved, then people have to consider Goa as their religion and their hearts should beat only for their motherland.
Advocate Yatish Naik revealed how the government was fooling people over the Regional Plan 2021 by inserting its own agenda under the garb of a participatory process to prepare the plan.
Various speakers spoke about the politician-police and drug peddlers nexus and named Ravi Naik to be the kingpin of the drug trade in Goa through his son Roy Naik. The handling over the case to the CBI was also pooh-poohed.
While Prabhu Mone said the case was handed over to the CBI after ensuring that it was weakened sufficiently to ensure that there is no conclusive evidence to pin the politicians, their kin or even the police personnel, Micky Pacheco opined that it was handed over to the CBI so that under the guise of investigations, action against those involved can be delayed. In fact he likened the handing over the case to the CBI to keeping a body in a morgue.
Radharao Gracias blamed the Congress for the current rot in Goan society and added that the Bharatiya Janata Party was a bigger problem as it was inhibiting the growth of a third political party in Goa. He argued that since 40 per cent of the Goan population cannot vote for BJP given its communal agenda, Congress keeps benefitting due to the TINA factor.
Collapse of the law and order machinery, Goans turning into a minority in their own land, the growing drug trade, illegal mining, rampant corruption, auctioning of government jobs, loot of the treasury, migrant vote bank politics, were some of the burning issues facing Goa according to the various speakers.
Finally it was decided to educate all Goan on why these problems have arisen and how they can resolved. 19 participants from different parts of the State volunteered to lead the future activities of the forum focusing on holding such meetings in the villages.

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