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We turn ‘3’ today!

As both Agraj Agranayak and myself sipped on our iced teas last evening, we reminisced of the humble beginnings of GoaChronicle.com three years ago. For those who do not know Agraj – he is the technology wizard behind our newsportal, if it has been up and running for the last thirty-six months and countering countless hacking attempts, is because of his dedication and that of his team.

Not known to many,GoaChronicle.com became a reality because of my dear friend and confidante Parvish Kamat who runs Anka Services. When I first discussed the idea with her, she thought that I should give it a shot and even got Agraj and me introduced. After that, the combination of Agraj and me, became lethal, like a house on fire.

Also not known to many is that during our struggle at one-point of time we wanted to call it the quits. At that point of time, Vikram Naharwar, managing director, Amsar Goa came into picture and provided us with the moral encouragement that sometimes needs to come from an outside influence. He was an avid reader of GoaChronicle.com and also a promoter of the news portal in his own little way. I remember Vikram telling me, “You have created something beautiful. Goans and people who love Goa around the world will appreciate your efforts, even though you might not see revenues right now in it.” And till today whether his is in Moscow, Prague, Indonesia, he makes it a point to read, comment and make suggestions. This friend of mine is not a born Goan, but, certainly a Goan.

Our vision and mission for GoaChronicle.com has and will always be to work ‘Towards a Better Goa’. We strive to achieve that through our sharing of information, educating our readers about the good or bad governance-related issues, fighting corruption and most of all trying to unite Goans from all-over to ‘Think Goa – Be Goa’.

We have had our fair-share of criticism and finger-pointing which is expected for the kind of journalism we do. But the appreciation from many quarters, people unknown to us is overwhelming and encouraging.

Today, we have crossed over 25 million hits with an average of close to 75,000 hits per day. We are viewed by readers in over 104 countries. That to the GoaChronicle.com team means a lot.

We believe that contrary to the perception being created that Goans have a ‘crab-mentality’ due to which they will not progress economically and will degenerate socially, we at GoaChronicle.com believe that a common strong point in most Goans is the ‘love for our motherland – Goa’ and it is the common passion that must unite all of us to fight for the economic growth, cultural identity and grounds for a better future for our children.

GoaChronicle.com would not be possible without our team of shadow-workers that interact with government locally and at the Centre. Our people in the political corridors and some in the offices of the key decision makers of the state and country. We also have government employees who are ‘whistle-blowers’ who through their little effort want to clean up the corrupt system share information with us.

Today as a team we are humbled by what we have achieved and the respect we have gained over the last-three years. We have made many friends in the Central Intelligence fraternity, political arena, corporate marketplace but most of all in the hearts and minds of Goans and Indians who appreciate our efforts.

We took up the Cavrem villagers issue to National Human Rights Commission and we ensured that those innocent villagers get justice and compensation. We have taken up the Vasco Rape issue and we will ensure the girl gets justice as CBI is now investigating the case, we only hoped the family did not fall into the trap of accepting money from the institution that runs the school in which the child was brutally raped.

We have stood up for numerous issues of people who have brought their troubles to us, because if they are victims of corruption and injustice we must stand-up for them.

We believe that our fight against corruption will be a long-drawn one. Today, Goa could be proud that it has kept some of the most corrupt politicians home. But now when we look at the current scenario, we see that corruption has not stopped, it still continues not so blatantly but it exists. The new government made tall-promises on critical issues namely corruption but till today on the issue of the ‘Goa Mining Scam’ estimated to be Rs 35,000 crore, the Chief Minister does not find the courage to go after the main culprits be in politicians or mining companies.

But this fight is not ours alone, it is a fight in which the people of Goa must come forward to save our identity and work towards our economic growth.

Towards a Better Goa!

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