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We want a political solution to the current Afghan crisis: Taliban Leader Mullah Akhundzada

Taliban leader Mullah Hibatullah Akhundzada in an Eid message on Sunday stressed on the need for a political solution to the current Afghan crisis.

He claimed that the group is serious about a political solution, while making references to the Taliban’s takeover of several districts.

Akhundzada claimed that the Islamist group would avail any opportunity that would result in the establishment of an Islamic system and peace and security in the country.
He claimed that the group is committed to resolving issues through dialogue, and accused the Afghan government of wasting time in the peace talks.

He added that the Taliban wants “good, strong diplomatic, economic and political relations” with the world, and assured neighboring countries, the region, and the world that Afghanistan will not allow anyone to use its territory to threaten the security of other countries.

He called on other countries not to “interfere” in Afghanistan’s internal affairs.

The Taliban leader pledged that the Taliban will work to protect embassies, foreign organizations and investors.

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