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We will not allow ‘Marathi’ to be made official language of Goa: GSRP

Goa Su-Raj Party (GSRP) issues a strong warning to those ‘Marathi Manoos’ in Goan clothing harboring a dream of subtly taking charge of the state of affairs in Goa, the official language of Goa is Konkani and will always be Konkani.

BJP MLA Vishnu Surya Wagh is planning to introduce a Bill in the forthcoming Goa Legislative Assembly to amend the Official Language Act granting Official Status to Marathi on par with Konkani.

Floriano Lobo, General Secretary, GSRP, stated, “Right from the time of the so called ‘Liberation of Goa’ there has been an attempt of the Maharashtrian lobby to control the affairs in Goa. The opinion poll showed  the Maharashtrian Lobby it rightful place in the scheme of Goa affairs, but, these shameless anti-goans have not learned their lesson.  The members of Marathi Rajbasha Andolan and MLA Wagh are traitors to the state of Goa, who live on the largess of the people of Goa yet sing praises of Maharashtra and Marathi language. The people of Goa will not tolerate this infiltration and GSRP shall fight this tooth and nail.”

“GSRP will bring people out on the streets if the government attempts to even consider making Marathi an official language of Goa. People like Wagh are parasites who have no loyalty to any state or any party, as it is clearly evident from his political past. Konkani is and will always be the official language of Goa and Marathi cannot be allowed to be put on par with KONKANI as it is the Official  language of Maharashtra, period. Politicians like Wagh and others from the ruling and opposition parties who believe in according official language status to Marathi need to start packing their bags and get ready to move to Maharashtra lock stock and barrel. Even the entire Mopa Airport project is  nothing but trying to take GOA into Maharashtra through the back-door since the front door has been closed for ever in the victory of GOANS to keep Goa as Goa forever through the victorious OPINION POLL of 1967”, expressed Savio Rodrigues, Secretary & President (Youth Affairs), GSRP.

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