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We will rise again: Sonia to partymen

New Delhi, Jun 1 (GCCurrentAffairs) Terming the present crisis faced by her party ‘an unprecedented opportunity’ to draw appropriate lessons from defeat and ‘renewing’ and ‘reinvigorating’ itself, chairperson of the Congress Parliamentary party Sonia Gandhi on Saturday said the party would bounce back undeterred by challenges and fight for people’s rights, both in Parliament and on the streets.

Addressing a meeting of the CPP, where she was elected chairperson, Ms Gandhi said, ‘In an unprecedented crisis, lies an unprecedented opportunity. It is up to us to grasp it with humility and self-confidence, drawing the appropriate lessons from our defeat. The people of India expect us to honour their mandate by renewing and reinvigorating ourselves. Undeterred by the many challenges that lie ahead, we will rise again. ‘

Asserting that her party would would continue to fight for truth and transparency, she said, ‘We are not going to let our guard down. We must hold the Government accountable to their promises. Progress is currently being measured through manufactured data. Progress must be measured with truth. We will continue to fight for truth and transparency.

‘We must assure the people of India that we will fulfill the responsibility of an alert and responsible opposition to strengthen our democracy and safeguard our Constitution. We will hold the government accountable in Parliament. We will be at the forefront of the fight for the rights of the people, both in Parliament and on the streets. ‘

In what could be seen as an expression of her vote of confidence in Rahul’s leadership, Ms Gandhi thanked him for his valiant and relentless campaign and displaying his ‘fearless leadership’ by taking the Modi government head on.

‘I also take this opportunity to whole-heartedly thank Rahul Ji for his valiant and relentless campaign. As Congress President, he has given his all and toiled night and day for the Congress party. He demonstrated his fearless leadership, by taking the Modi government head on. He highlighted the injustices carried out against farmers, workers, traders and small businesses, against the youth, women and the marginalised sections of our society.’

He has rejuvenated the Congress organisation in many states, and most recently lead us to victory in Chhattisgarh, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh. As Congress President, he earned the respect and love of every worker and crores of voters across the length and breadth of the country. ‘Even as I speak, emotional messages are coming from all corners, vindicating his leadership. We all express our gratitude to him for his sincerity of purpose, his relentless effort, his hard work and leadership,’ Ms Gandhi said.

Thanking the voters who reposed their faith in Congress and workers who spread the message of the party far and wide, she said, ‘Our karyakartas are our front-line soldiers. They have worked selflessly for the last five years. They ensured that the India we stand for is spread far and wide, to every corner of our great country. I want to thank them for their innumerable sacrifices in the face of unprecedented hostility from the ruling party. It is their resilience that has led to 12.3 crore voters reposing their faith in the Congress party.

‘I want to thank each one of the 12.3 crore voters. Your vote to the Congress party is a vote for safeguarding our Constitution, a vote for economic and social progress, a vote for liberty, and for social justice. ‘

Via UNI-India

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