Wedviser Launches Free Platform for Communities to Set Up their Own Mobile Matrimony App

IIMK incubated mobile technology start-up Wedviser People Connect launched a unique platform for communities across India and beyond, which will help them to set up their own mobile matrimony app, at virtually zero cost. This provides urban, professional, social, religious and other community clusters to build, operate and control (BOC) exclusive matrimony apps targeting internal communities, helping them to identify the right matches through a known network of connections.

Find matches through Family & Friends – Wedviser

Founded by Binod Hariharan, an engineering graduate with two decades of IT industry experience, and IIMK alumnus Arjun Ravindran; Wedviser provides a unique proposition especially in the age of short-lived nuptial associations and alarmingly increasing rates of separations. The app brings together the candidates’ immediate families, friends and relatives and enable them stay along with the candidate throughout the match making process. It also allows the users to form family and friends group to exchange ideas, share opinions and views, to find suitable matches through a well-integrated chat platform. The same community is expected to remain in touch with the couple, when they decide to swipe right and start living as a family.

Wedviser ensures that a proposal is routed through the user’s network of family and friends giving the whole process very high level of credibility. Advanced Machine Learning algorithms coupled with smart use of social networking principles give users the best possible matches and connections. Built-in Artificial Intelligence ensures that the system is suggestion-driven rather than search-driven; and candidates can instantly engage in conversations on their Wedviser exclusive chat platform.

When you start seeking a partner, people always depend on familiar channels- including family, relatives and friends. Wedviser is bringing technology to network among these channels and facilitate a smarter search. Imagine a context where you are able to connect with your partner and discuss the same way you connect a professional contact on LinkedIn or similar? And you also know that how are you connected with this partner, may be 3rd or 4th level connect and you know people who know the person, and vice versa? And you are dealing only with vetted profiles, with identity verified officially. This is how Wedviser is going to revolutionize matrimonial searches by setting new benchmarks that is the real need of the current times.

Binod Hariharan, Managing Director, Wedviser People Connect

“The app, available on Android platform currently and soon to be launched on iOS, offers a live, clean-cut and respectable environment for match seekers, parents, relatives, and friends, safeguarding their identity till they find a perfect match. Those seeking a suitable life partner would appreciate advantages of the app, availability and reliability of verified profiles, as well as secure and confidential searches at the privacy of a personal mobile gadget;” says Mr. Binod Hariharan, Managing Director, Wedviser People Connect Pvt. Ltd.

“We also offer communities that we partner with, an opportunity to leverage their customer base as well-be it in terms of entry fee or through commercial associations. App provides opportunity to the Wedvertisers (advertisers on Wedviser) to directly engage the target customers on a unique ‘pay per conversation’ (PPC) model. This will provide potential communities opportunity to launch a self-sustainable service model catering to their audiences;” said Mr. Hariharan.

Wedviser is in advanced level of discussions with several urban, social and religious communities as well as media platforms to launch their mobile matrimony apps within the next 3 month’s timeframe. Global Indian communities based in USA and UK are also part of the discussions.

Seed funded by Kerala State Industrial Development Corporation (KSIDC), Wedviser People Connect is also targeting the Series A round funding by end of next fiscal, which will help the app to boost its global presence.

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