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West Bengal Elections: The turmoil of manifestos and upcoming consequences

The manifestos of different parties regarding the 2021 West Bengal elections have come up with unique consequences that are often considered idiosyncratic. The Bhartiya Janta Party had already declared the name of the leaders who would take charge of the state. The ones named in the manifesto committee aim to break the “check by jowl” performance of the Bhartiya Janta Party where vacillating members from Trinamool are also taken into consideration.

During the 2019 general elections, BJP could only secure eighteen out of forty-two seats in the state. This year, the competition had been really high regarding the Bengal elections. The media and the public votes revolve around the people’s tall talk, but what consequences do we observe regarding all the vows taken by the manifesto committee? Will the gift of the gab actually benefit the public or is the statement for the welfare of the common people all moonshine?

The first phase of polling was commenced almost smoothly, and the people had their views upon which their voting spirits were to be executed. It is obvious for the media to predict the outcomes based on certain notions and the performance of the parties. Regarding the development of the state, its capital was declared the first metropolitan city and that too an ancient one but still the condition of the city is not the same as expected by most of the people. There are many such criteria’s that affect the decision of the public.

Before the second phase of the polling of the elections, there was not much trace of violence but the action of certain leaders did create an impact on the public. Meanwhile, the visit of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to Bangladesh was also viewed upon with different perspectives. Despite small protests and minute gestures of contestation at Chittagong, the approach towards gifting them “made-in-India” vaccines was highly approved. Not only this, but some other initiatives were also meant for the development of Bangladesh where the entrepreneurs will be given a chance for a start-up in India. The paying of heartfelt tribute to the martyrs of Bangladesh by the Prime minister of India and helping the country to celebrate as well as innovate great notions really could be impactful for the public.

With context to the Indian Prime Minister’s tweet, a positive bond with Bangladesh, following India’s First Policy of Neighbourhoods could be seen where it is stated that the leadership of Sheikh Hasina is approved well. Apart from that, the temple renovation ceremony and prayers for the safety of the public during the pandemic were also visualized.

Later the commencement of meagre ferocity could be seen during the second phase of the Bengal elections where thirty seats were sent to the polls. Huge contestation had already led to a series of blame and dispute. It is well observed that how apart from spoken vows; the actions affect the media. However, after the voter turnout of 80.43 percent, after the second phase, we come across the ethos and the active participation of voters.

Amidst the contrast of the manifestos of the parties, the gift of the gab, and the possible vehemence, the people have a great voting spirit that reflects their ideology. Talking about the culture of the state, it has been noticed that people are very rigid when it comes to thoughts regarding the development and progress of the state. Everyone is given elbow room to state their opinion and actions are taken accordingly.

The good thing is that, despite all the criteria meant to gain support, the state highlights people who are not interested in divisive politics but united progress along with the necessary rights. The farmer’s protest could be an instance of the same. There are people who want to help in the progress of the state and improvement in their condition of living. After all, elections or any contestation along with mayhem or pandemonium won’t be fruitful unless opinions are in favour of development.

Supriya Rani

Intern, Goa Chronicle
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