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Western Ghats Report By 30th June

The Western Ghats Ecology Expert Panel (WGEEP) that was constituted on 4th March last year, will be submitting its report on 30th June disclosed its chairman Madhav Gadgil.
Although the report on preserving this world’s hottest biodiversity spot was expected to be ready by 5th June, it has been delayed because some more inputs are expected from the panelists.

The committee constituted by the Union Ministry for Forests & Environment is expected to prepare a road map for the preservation of the Western Ghats which is under severe threat particularly from the mining industry in Goa.
Besides, it is also supposed to study whether the provisions of the Forest Conservation Act and Forest Rights Act have been made applicable in the areas coming under the Western Ghats region.
Prof Gadgil revealed that the committee has graded the forests in this ecologically sensitive zone ranging from highly sensitive to less sensitive instead of adopting the conventional “do” or “don’t do” approach.
He also opined that the Western Ghats could serve as a laboratory to test the efficacy of various programmes whether they are compatible with conservation of nature and promotion of social justice.


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