What is happening Mr. Parrikar?

Of late Manohar Parrikar has been yapping about every little thing wrong about the current government. His actions are like a snake without any venom or a barking dog, which is far from biting. And I say this not because I have aligned to any political party or not; but because his statements are getting to be far too repetitive. Whenever addressing the media now over some issue or the other; he will always say, ‘there appears to be’ or ‘it appears to be’. And then half-way through the issue after it has lost its steam; he forgets to look into the direction of the issue raised.

Let’s take the matter of Atala, the INfamous drug-kingpin, before and during the assembly session, he went around crying hoarse demanding a CBI inquiry into the issue. Till today nothing has happened on that front and neither has the media been shown any photographs of the Home Minister’s son with Atala as Parrikar had said in the assembly that he was in possession of such photographs.

During the Valpoi election, yet again he was confident that his party would win; on exposing the malicious activities of the Congress candidate. Nothing happened on that front. In fact Vishwajit Rane in sporting terms trashed the BJP opponent by a huge margin. BJP, Parrikar and Santosh Haldankar will be licking their wounds.

Even in the municipal elections; Congress has ensured that the reservations are manipulated to suit their candidates’ needs and Parrikar and his men could do absolutely nothing about it. I am sure Parrikar will say that municipal elections are not fought on party lines. And the people will nod their head in acceptance; even though that is far from the truth and everybody knows that municipal elections are fought on party lines. And the glaring example is in the undercurrent in BJP’s own camp between Sidhanath Buyao and Damodar Naik on the municipal elections. Damodar Naik of course is trying to flex a little more muscle than possible and is also trying to bringing rebel Congress party men into BJP. I suppose Damu like Vijay Sardesai must be reading too much into the Chanakyaniti books.

In fact as we get closer to the assembly elections, I suspect there will be a lot of change and variations in BJP party existing sitting MLAs and probable aspirants. The Congress party men are on their own tangent never meeting at a common consensus unless there is money involved. BJP an otherwise close knit party with singular leadership, at least in Goa, will find that there will be some who will break free from their loyalty to either the party or Parrikar.

If that happens and it will; I blame Parrikar completely for it. Over the last year, his words are more than his actions. And frankly speaking many are getting bored of his rants, with no hardcore solutions in front. In order for BJP to win an election in Goa now, they need candidates. And that is something that they are going to have a serious problem with; since they do not have any worthwhile candidates with them Pan-Goa.

Mr. Parrikar as someone who sees that you have the right dose of intelligence and that there is future for Goa in your vision; stop acting like a wounded tiger; wait, watch and plan your strategy; build second in commands. 

For that matter everyone with a little bit of commonsense will tell you that there is something wrong with the Digambar led government; it is a fence setter, money getter and bull-shitter at best. 

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