What is Love Jihad Bill?

Love jihad refers to forceful interfaith conversion. It is term used for referring to an alleged campaign by Muslim Men to convert Hindu girls under the pretext of love.

As the Uttar Pradesh Cabinet cleared a draft ordinance against forceful interfaith conversion. The Uttar Pradesh State law commission in its report submitted before the chief Minister in 2019 had proposed such a law in the state due to increasing number of forceful religious conversions through crooked ways. Now the bill is passed by the Uttar Pradesh govt. As a chief Minister Yogi Adityanath termed it a dangerous trend in a rally taken place in Kerala. He was the first chief Minister to bring this law last year itself. Now not only U.P other states like Madhya Pradesh had also considered this an important issue and passed this bill last year.

Why this bill is needed is the question that arises in our mind. Recently, On October 26,2020 a case named Nikita Tomar Murder case came in front. Here a girl named Nikita Tomar was shot dead at an age of 20 in Faridabad city of state of Haryana. She was from Hindu religion. Nikita had been allegedly shot dead outside her college in Faridabad by her former classmate Tohsif of age 21 and his accomplice 23-year-old Mohammad Rihan. Her family stated the reason for this case was that the boy was forcing her to marry him continuously and when she denied doing so, he killed her. Adal Singh Rawat, maternal uncle of Tomar alleged that she was abducted for three days in August 2018. Then also she was abducted and threatened for life. Not only the accused but his relatives and parents also forced her to marry him and forced her to convert her religion. This is exactly what we call the Love Jihad case. This is not only one case but there are numerous cases that may not reach to us but destroy lives of many Hindu women daily in different parts of the Country. When such cases get to hear people consider this a serious problem, discuss it and tweet for demanding justice but these things happen only for 2-3 days. After that no one cares about that and the harassment continues. For solving this problem permanently, the Love Jihad Bill is very important.

The proposed law cleared by Uttar Pradesh Cabinet defines punishment and fine under three different heads.

  1. Those found guilty for conversion done through misinterpretation, force or any crooked way according to law would face jail term of about one to five years with minimum fine of INR 5000.
  2. Those found guilty for conversion of minors or women from Schedule caste or Schedule tribe would face a jail term of about three to ten years with a minimum fine of INR 25,000.
  3. If such conversions were found at mass level, then the guilty would face a jail term of about three to ten years with a minimum fine of INR 50,000.

Some so-called liberals tried to spread rumours regarding these laws. They had given some philosophical statements that love doesn’t see any religion. This law never denies anyone who is willing to convert into another religion. Only few rules should be followed, that is the girl has to give it in writing to the District Magistrate around 2 months in advance. This is only for assuring that it is not taking place forcefully or fraudulently.

So now onwards hopefully Hindu women live a safe and happy life. 

Divya Kumari

Intern, Goa Chronicle
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