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What is this Spitting Trend?

Two days ago, a news piece of arrest of a man named Naushad alias Suhail by the police after his video of spitting on chapatis while cooking in a function went viral on social media. He was allegedly cooking in a wedding party in Meerut of Uttar Pradesh where he was found spitting on chapatis before cooking them in tandoor. After the video went viral social media got flooded with demand of impeccable actions against Naushad from police. Multiple organisations including Hindu Jagran Manch demanded police to arrest him for spitting on food and lodged a FIR against him. After this huge demand on social media police took the action and arrested him.

Meanwhile after Naushad got arrested a certain section of social media users took to Twitter and start defending his nauseating action and started spreading religious prejudice as a reason of arrest and coercive actions of police on Naushad. One of them is writer Hussain Haidry. From a Twitter post Haidry expressed support to Naushad by exempting him and started blaming right-wing followers of spreading communal hatred against Suhail. He also claimed that right-wingers have been after his life since last two days. Others like Deep Trivedi also jumped the gun and stated that Naushad was cooking passionately. This section started claiming that Naushad is a victim of alleged Muslim hatred and trolls joined the crowd.

However, this is not the first time for such action. In past last year during peak of corona pandemic a fruit seller was recorded applying saliva on fruits he was selling. He was arrested due to his action against hygiene which was the most important concern during COVID times. But at that time as well a theory was peddled by few trolls that he was arrested because he was a Muslim. Numerous cases of fruit and vegetable vendors salivating their products and selling them were heard at that time. At that time Hindu vendors were blamed for being communally irritating for showcasing their Hindu identities.

Remember the Tablighi Jamaat miscreants were found spitting on the roads here and there. They were spitting on the reporters reporting their as well while they were being taken to quarantine centres. Their disgusting behaviour continued medical staffs and doctors in quarantine centres. Certain reports also claimed that many of these Jamaat miscreants defecated in open. But unfortunately, these so-called leftist liberals ignored these disgusting actions of miscreants and stated that they were arrested because they were Muslims and supported this spitting trend.

Divya Kumari

Intern, Goa Chronicle
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